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Chairman's Message


Chairman’s Message

Our province, Cankiri is one of the developing regions. Due to its geographical location, it is intertwined with Central Anatolia, Black Sea and Marmara Regions. Cankiri, which has contributed to the country as an agricultural region for many years, has been an emigrant city to centers such as Ankara, Zonguldak, Karabük and Istanbul since 1950's. In the 2000s, when we entered a new century and a new millennium, Cankiri tended towards two important sectors, such as industry and tourism, in its development route.
In addition to the Korgun organized industrial zone, which became operational at the beginning of the 1990s, it strengthened the investment climate with Sabanozu and Cerkes organized industrial zones; In the New Incentive System enacted by our Government in 2012, Cankiri was ranked as the 5th Region out of 6 Incentive Regions and the investments to be made in the OIZ were in the scope of the 6th Region where the most appropriate incentives were given.
However, with the contribution of our Chamber, Cankiri has become a center of attraction by establishing Cankiri Yakinkent Organized Industrial Zone, which is located 70 km to the airport, 200 km. to the harbor and has a railway network passing by and which is in a region that appeals to about half of the population of Turkey when a 500 km long circle is drawn. Our Chamber takes great care to provide the best service to our members in a quality and professional manner within the legal framework and informs our members about innovations and business opportunities by forming a network with national and international organizations such as IGEME, TIM, European Enterprise Network, EUROCHAMBRES for our members to develop and reach the development and reach new opportunities.
Believing that development will increase through the combination of advanced technology, information sharing, practical and theoretical knowledge, our Chamber places great importance on University-Industry Collaboration. By contributing to University-Industry collaboration, our Chamber undertakes the removing of value-added products from our city and country as a duty that we think our country's development is based upon high technology products. As a Chamber, we will be the followers of the investments to be made in Cankiri and guide for investors. As Cankiri Commerce and Industry, we declare that we always stand by our investors.

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