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Telecommunication Policy

Telecommunication Policy

Carrying the sharing of accurate information in the right time and right place through the means of communication to provide high contribution to Cankiri trade and industry, providing the communication of our producers, manufacturing industry, stakeholder organizations and our people with reliably, timely with accurate information.

Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry Communication Strategies are subject to the following principles.

1. Communication processing shall be clear and in transparency it shall be accessible to all interested.
2. Information shall be impartial for the needs of the sector. Either verbally or in writing, no information that will lead to unfair competition shall be given at all.
3. Communication tools and practices shall be honest, open and impartial.
4. Being able to access the information continuously, thus buying the necessary services if necessary,
5. The determination of multi-dimensional communication strategies, the conduct of the communication between the Assembly, Administration, members and the producers in a healthy way,
6. Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry House, Board and Personnel are fully responsible for communication.
7. All news about the Chamber and the sector published in written and visual media is regularly followed, reported and presented to the board.

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