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Our Financial Policy

Our Financial Policy

To provide a high quality service to our members so as to support a strong and sustainable growth environment is to provide transparency and accountability that does not compromise the financial discipline, optimizes the level of financial burden and pays regard to the redistribution in the fairness, manages their income in the best and most efficient way, improves the social benefit.

Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry Financial Policy is subject to the following principles.

1. Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall carry out activities to protect the vocational discipline, morality and solidarity and to provide the services written in the Law no 5174 in order to fulfill the needs of its members, facilitate and develop its vocational activities and to preserve honesty and trust between its members and the public. In the realization of the said activities, the income sources stated in Law no. 5174 are used.
2. Tariffs related to the services and fees provided by CATSO are determined and announced by the Chamber Council according to the socio-economic conditions of the region before each fiscal year in accordance with the provisions laid down in Law No. 5174.
3. The budget of CATSO is prepared and applied according to efficiency, frugality and principles and accounting period by taking into consideration the requirements of the plans and programs and the benefit and cost elements.
4. Expenditures are planned according to the annual revenue of Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry (source). Expenditures are regulated within the framework of this plan and resource-expenditure balance is ensured.
5. Budget expenditure is made by the chairman of the board directors or the joint signatures of the deputy and the general secretary or treasurer. In cases where there is no general secretary, a treasurer’s signature is required.
6. Expenditure as much as the amount determined by the Assembly Board on the recommendation of the Board of Directors can be made by the General Secretary, provided that it is subsequently presented for the approval of the executive board.
7. CATSO, which acts according to Budget and Accounting Regulation, shall organize its accounting records in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and uniform accounting plan.
8. CATSO embraces principles of transparency, efficiency, frugality, correct and timely information in making expenditures and revenue collection.
9. To facilitate the control and management of financial resources and expenditures, it periodically submits its financial reports to the accounts commission, related bodies and chamber members.
10. The chamber establishes a system for providing the funds it needs with its existing under the most favorable conditions and on the efficient use and protection of the value of these funds.
11. Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry evaluates the assets it owns as time deposits, liquid fund, subsidiary or by forming affiliated companies, by buying government bonds, treasury bonds and repurchasing agreement. It is not allowed to be used in risky investment areas where cash deposits may be negative.
12. The Chamber’s tangible assets (service building, etc.) are insured against terrorist attack, fire, earthquake etc. risks.

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