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Our Human Resources Policies

Our Human Resources Policies

Human Resources Policy of Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is subject to the following principles.

Bringing people, who have a high level of education, are open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial, dynamic, result-oriented, and aim at improving themselves and business.Information shall be objective for the needs of the sector. Either verbally or in writing, no information that will lead to unfair competition shall be given at all.

▶ Prioritizing the motivation of our employees and their commitment to the organization,
▶ Benefiting from our employees' abilities, strength and creativity at most,
▶ Creating equal opportunities among our employees,
▶ Pursuing a transparent and open management policy,
▶ All news about the Chamber and the sector published in written and visual media is regularly followed, reported and presented to the board.
▶ Protecting the moral and material rights of our employees,
▶ Providing a qualified, peaceful and warm working environment, where individual and corporate values are shared, by creating a work environment that respects human rights without discrimination of race, religion, language and gender among employees,
▶ Reviewing and updating all our human resources applications in accordance with today’s conditions and thus providing their improvement by keeping them in a dynamic structure are our basic policies.

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