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Our History


The Chamber is a public professional organization established as a legal entity to fulfill the needs of its members, facilitate their professional activities, provide the development of the profession in accordance with general interests, protect professional discipline, ethics and solidarity for achieving honesty and trust in the relationship of our members with each other and with the public and to fulfill the tasks entrusted to Chambers with the related legislation and regulations. It was founded in 1923 under the name of Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Haşim ZİNCİRLİOĞLU was elected as the first president of the Chamber. In the first years of the Republic, Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry only consisted of solving commercial disputes, collecting annual fees and confirming bails. In the first years of the establishment, when Cankiri did not have too much trade volume, the first estate of the Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry was bought in 1977 at the present location of the existing building and in 1980, a 4-Story Service building was built and brought into service. At present, with the increase of capacities in our province, Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has 7 Board of Directors and 20 Assembly members. Our Chamber offers services under the General Secretariat with Project Coordinator, Press and Public Relations, Chamber Registration Procedures, K Type Documents and Accounting units.

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