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Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Today, information systems are spreading rapidly due to many reasons such as increasing productivity, accelerating work flows, faster communication with employees and other institutions, and facilitating our daily lives. In parallel with the increasing use and spread of information environments, security threats and risks have increased at the same rate. Despite the development of technical security measures, the increase in the number of attacks against information systems and the occurrence of high-impact damage on information systems suggest that technical methods need to be more rigorous in ensuring information security.

Cankiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry Information Security Policy is subject to the following principles.

1. Creating an environment of trust regarding the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information,
2. Using our information and communication technologies in the most efficient way to ensure our stakeholders access fast, high quality and accurate information,
3. Taking measures against the risks that may arise,
4. By following the current affairs continuously, it plans and implements the necessary activities to to create the necessary infrastructure.

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